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EUCC-Poland :
Society For The Coast (EUCC-Poland), established in 1996, has a close cooperation with EUCC – Coastal & Marine Union. The action of the EUCC – Poland concerns essentially the Odra Delta region and in Slowinski National Park.
Most important aims:
  • strengthening the importance of Baltic Sea coasts and solving problems connected with wise using and protection
  • realizing active nature conservation on the owned areas of Odra Delta Nature Park (established in 2005)
  • creating platforms for co-operation between G.O., NGOs, local communities, scientific organisations and individuals involved in conservation problems of coastal zone
  • participation in international movements connected with coastal conservation and management
  • integration science and management in the coastal zone.
The National Branch Organisation
Chairman :
dr Kazimierz Rabski:
Vice-chairman :
dr Małgorzata Torbé:
dr Mirosław Smugała
Grzegorz Torbé:

Society for The Coast
(European Union for Coastal Conservation - Poland)
Head quaters:

Pl. Batorego 4/33
70-207 Szczecin, Poland
tel./fax: +48 91 4212470

Field Station:

Odra Delta Nature Park
72-112 Stepnica


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