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The Curonian Spit with its dunes in the south-eastern Baltic - shared by Lithuania and Russia - is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Source:S.Maack, 2002

EUCC Baltic States Office
The EUCC Baltic States Office is the regional office of the EUCC for the Baltic Sea Region. Registered since 1995 in Lithuania, the EUCC Baltic States Office is essentially active in the southeast of the Baltic Sea.
The office serves the needs of approximately 100 EUCC members in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Baltic provinces of Russia (Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg).
The main objectives of the EUCC Baltic States Office are to promote ICZM in the Eastern Baltic area and to disseminate information on EUCC activities in the region. On national levels, the office works to facilitate the national legislation on ICZM in the target countries.

The Baltic States Office Organisation
Baltic States office
Director: Ramūnas Povilanskas.
Accountant: Mrs. Antanina Lažauskienė.
Contact person: Peeter Vissak.
EUCC-Councilor: Dr. Kaarel Orviku.
EUCC-Coordinator: Mrs. Inga Belasova.
EUCC-Councilor: Prof. Raimonds Ernsteins.
Contact person: Ramunas Povilanskas.
EUCC-Councilor: Ausrine Armatiene – University of Klaipeda-
EUCC-Kaliningrad Chairman: Dr. Vadim Boldyrev.
EUCC-Kaliningrad Executive Secretary: Dr. Boris Chubarenko.
EUCC-St Petersburg ( St. Petersburg Naturalists Society, Baltic Fund for Nature)
Prof. Dr. Roustam Sagitov :
Dr. Vladimir Pogrebov :
Brief description of GERME Project

Project addresses cross-border challenges in the sector of supporting local energy production, creating renewable energy and alternative energy sources. Theme – feasibility of the deep geothermal energy utilization in small rural municipalities and estates (central rural settlements) of Klaipeda County and Kurzeme region. Background – deep geothermal energy is a clean renewable resource, which is available in Western Lithuania and Latvia. Yet, its use for heating so far is complicated, particularly in small rural municipalities and estates due to large investment costs and lack of proper knowledge. Therefore it is a cross-border challenge to find common solutions how to optimize costs and maximize benefits of using this unique energy resource of the cross-border region. Project objective is to develop a cross-border cooperation platform and necessary know-how for the deep geothermal energy utilization in small rural municipalities and estates of Klaipeda County and Kurzeme region.

Project sub-objectives: 1) Produce a joint cross-border strategy for the deep geothermal energy utilization in the target area, including a cross-border strategic environmental impact assessment; 2) Raise public awareness and knowledge in the target area on the deep geothermal energy utilization. Project partnership involves two leading NGO’s with long-term knowledge on sustainable development and energy use in the cross-border region of Klaipeda County and Kurzeme – EUCC Baltic Office (LT) and International Environmental Partnership Center EUROHOUSE (LV). Project activities: 1) Cross-border resource research and analysis; 2) Cost-benefit analysis; 3) Cross-border strategic environmental impact assessment; 4) Design of two technical feasibility case studies in Klaipeda County and Kurzeme region; 5) Organizing workshops and seminars for the target groups and producing info materials for the broader audience; 6) Dissemination and Information.

Expected cross-border outputs of the project are: a joint cross-border strategy for the deep geothermal energy utilization in small rural municipalities and estates of Klaipeda County and Kurzeme as a single cross-border region, cost-benefit analysis, technical feasibility case studies. The main positive effect on project target groups - raised local awareness and knowledge regarding costs and benefits of the utilization of this renewable local energy source in comparison with other alternatives emphasizing social and economic needs of small rural municipalities and estates. As a result of the project, any community in the cross-border region with deep geothermal energy resources should be capable of cross-border cooperation in promoting sustainable and cost-effective utilization of these resources for communal heating needs.

EUCC- Baltic States Office
Taikos ave. 42-3
LT-91216 Klaipeda
Ramunas Povilanskas
Tel/Fax: +370 61571711

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