Seebridge in Misdroy

Seabridge in Misdroy
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ICZM in Poland

State of implementation of the European Recommendation on ICZM:

At time there is no national ICZM Strategy, but the perspective that such a strategy will be developed in Poland. The department of spatial planning of the polish Ministry of transport and construction submitted a work paper to the European Commission in 2005. This document is called „Assumptions for the policy of coastal zone development: Towards a national strategy of integrated coastal zone management“.

In 2003, an act on the etablishing of a long-term „Programme of coastal protection“ has been adopted by the parliament. The document is prepared with a 100-year perspective but focused essentially on coastal protection against erosion. Futhermore, the solutions proposed to face with erosion are not all sustainable solutions (artificial nourishment, heavy constructions). The participation of the coastal experts is lacking for the elaboration of this document. (cf. Kazimierz Rabski, National Integrated Coastal Zone Management strategy and initiatives in Poland, in Managing the Baltic Sea)

Concerning the sea areas, plans of spatial development will be prepared by the maritime administration. The competences of the maritime administration need to be enlarged in reasons of the complexity of the coastal management.

For financial reasons, politic changes and the relatively low priority given to coastal issues, the national strategy still an on-going work.


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