ICZM in Lithuania

State of implementation of the European Recommendation on ICZM:

You will find here the most recent and important dates of Coastal policies in Lithuania.

With recent national measures of coastal protection, the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment decided that it was not at time necessary to prepare a national strategy for ICZM as implementation of the european recommandation on ICZM.

Curonian Split
Source: Ramona Thamm, 2006

1999: Target Programme for the Development of the Curonian Spit Management

2001: Strategic Guidelines

2002: Law on Coastal Strip.

2003: Programme for the Lithuanian Coastal Strip Management

2005: Project „The Lithuanian Coastal Strip of the Baltic Sea: Regeneration and Maintenance“

2006: Documents submitted to the European Commission.


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European Union European ICZM-Evaluation 2006


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